Electric Cement Mixer

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

In construction work, you will quickly get tired; therefore in order to be efficient in performing the job, you must utilize appropriate tools. Whether you are going to construct a road or sidewalk you will require gas cement or cement mixer. You may as well do it by yourself, but only if the task is small and does not require much cement. A gas type cement mixer is being powered by fuel or petrol. The electric type of cement mixers known as concrete mixers are more convenient but can be costly. The major advantage of this tool is its ease in using whenever you are in need of it. Just bear in mind to have an electricity power access close to your construction area. Before you can start, there are some things that are needed. First, you must have wheelbarrow, shover, water, and cement bags. Cement comes in various weights and types. The very common method in mixing the cement is by putting water into the mixer and then adding cement (a bag), adding some water then shoveling the mixture. Bear in mind also that this mixer should be placed on ground level.

Among the features that you should check out when choosing models of cement mixer are the drum blouse with size range of 1.77-13.5 cubic feet, wet volume of material, 0.85 to 2.94 cubic feet (equivalent to 50 pounds), the bag capacity which ranges from 1 to 15, and the brand. The very famous manufacturers are QEP, Nor Trac, King Kutter, Farm Star Equipment, Belle Group, Star Industries, Best Construction Equipment, Kushlan, and Northern Industrial Tools. The cost of the different models of mixer ranges from $160 up to $1500. For the minimum price of $400 you can already have a decent wheelbarrow for your construction. Be aware that manufacturer will tell you that the capacity of the wheelbarrow is about 9 cubic feet when in fact it is only 6 cubic ft. The main reason for this is that the total cement quantity that can only be mixed is 2/3.

For more mobility, you should search for cement mixer that is of portable type. The mobile cement mixer has towing tongue and wheels, which make them more convenient and easier to move around during construction. This type of mixer costs around $400 up to $2000. You will be seeing some reviews regarding the top most selling model of electric type cement mixers below. The mobile electric type cement mixer of Northern Industrial is considered as the most famous product and has the capacity of 4.1 cu ft. It is capable of having concrete of up to 5 bags and can take up 290 lbs weight. According to clients who have used the product, they can easily follow the instruction and can install and operate with ease. Some clients advice that you should not put above 2 bag of the concrete that is pre-mix. By following this, overheating will be avoided. You should also be aware that a drum tend to create noise when operating.

The electric mobile type cement mixer of Kushlan (600W) has the capacity of 6 cubic ft. and equipped with tiles that are known as flat-free. This model is available at the price of $599 in Northern Tool. Its drum is polyethylene made with the capacity of 400 pounds pre-mix. Many clients consider this performance as fairly well. The customers have reported that 4 concrete bags or more can be easily mixed. Other clients do not advice placing cement or mixture that is more than 5 bags. This mixer is an excellent value for your money. If ever you are searching for stores where you can purchase electric type of cement mixer, you can just visit the websites of eBay or Craigslist if you wish to save on huge deals on used or second hand mixers. You can also visit other sites such as Toolstore AU, Machine Mart UK, Amazon, Tool Fetch, and Northern Tool. There areplenty of great deals around where you can have the good cement mixer. You just have to check for the prices to come up with the one that suits your budget.

Portable Cement Mixer

Having portable type of cement mixers (called portable concrete mixers) will provide a great benefit for your own project. You can have the mix concrete when it comes to jobs such as road building and home fundamentals. The foremost advantage of having mobile mixer would be great flexibility with changing locations. The mixer can easily be moved anywhere you want it in only a few seconds. Almost all wheelbarrows have tires and a handle. Stationary mixers are even better so you will not have to move the wheelbarrows every now and then. There are two known portable types of cement mixers and they are the gas and the electric. The portable mixers of electric type utilize electricity thus you should always make sure to have an outlet for electricity power nearby the workplace. If finding an electricity power access is becoming difficult then a gas portable type of concrete mixer will be the more convenient type to own.

A lot of cement mixers come with different belt types. A belt is considered a significant part of a mixer, which handles the concrete mixing. The other important parts that a wheelbarrow will need can include filter bags, air pads, cartridges, and chuted. Each of the elements play an important role and can also be replaced in several cases. Even just replacing a few parts will already transform the old mixer into a new one. You have to learn how to follow correct procedure in order to have your desired mix concrete. To start the mixing, you put a 2-gallon water inside the mixer and add the concrete bag. Then you start the mixer. You combine the first mix concrete bag to the mixture inside the mixer. Shovel everything. Before you end the mixing, gradually put water. The following are some short reviews when it comes to the bestselling concrete mixers of mobile type.

There are already a lot of companies that are offering cheap prices of the portable type of cement mixers. A few known brands include Northern Industrial, Marshalltown, Kushlan, King Kutter, Red Lion, RAF, and Pro-series. Each of these can offer different mixer types with the different parts. The Northern Industrial brand of portable mixers (Model#PCM350) are known as one of those most known products that can be purchased on Amazon. This comes with plot drum as well as a capacity of 35 cubic feet with flat-free tires. This product is so easy to put up and assemble. Currently, the product has a 4.5 bag capacity. One can purchase such portable type of concrete mixers for only $329.

However if you badly need something bigger, you can check out the Kushlan type of Electric Portable Cement Mixer (Model#1000). This has a capacity of 10 cubic ft with drum material of polyethylene composition. Telescoping handles as well as drum sits also come with the package. A lot of customer find assembling the product an easy feat. This can be purchased at $1119.

Prior to coming up with a decision when it comes to buying a portable type of cement mixer, you need to take into consideration your own budget and needs. It is impractical to purchase a cement mixer that is too big or too small and won’t even provide your needs. You may also consider renting if you will only be needing it one time.